Airport Information

Auckland International Airport (AKL)

IATA Designation Level 3
Coordination Manager contacts Bruce Cargill, +64 9 215 6104;
How to apply for slots SCR requests can be sent by email to
Airport Operating Hours & Airports conditions of use The airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round.
ACL Office Coverage ACL’s local office in New Zealand also provides service from 0830-1700, New Zealand Standard time (UTC+12),
ACL Out of Hours Coverage Outside normal office hours (evenings, weekends, UK and NZ public holidays), service is provided by the airport operator.
Telephone: +64 9 256 8990
Additional Operational Requirements
Planned Maintenance Runway closed between 01:30 to 04:30 LT every Monday morning and Saturday morning:

Last Departure slot before closure 0115

Last Arrival slot before closure 0130

First Departure slot after closure 0425

First Arrival slot after closure 0445

Local Guidelines Sanction and Enforcement Codes Local Rule 1 S21

Local Rule 2 W21

NZ NS22 Slot Alleviation Decision

NZ NS23 Slot Alleviation Decision

Coordination Committee A Coordination Committee is held twice a year to discuss scheduling parameters.
Slot Performance Committee A Slot Performance Committee is currently in place to discuss slot limits and coordination parameters.
Seasonal Reports ACL publishes Seasonal Reports for all Level 3 airports.  These can be found using the search function here.

Reports for Level 2 and Level 1 airports are not published.  If you would like to see reports for these airports, please contact us.

Capacity Declaration S18 Capacity Declaration (International / Domestic)

W18 Capacity Declaration (International / Domestic)

S19 Capacity Declaration (International / Domestic)

W19 Capacity Declaration (International / Domestic)

S20 Capacity Declaration (International / Domestic)

W20 Capacity Declaration (International / Domestic)

S21 Capacity Declaration (InternationalDomestic)

W21 Capacity Declaration (International / Domestic)

S22 Capacity Declaration (International / Domestic)

W22 Capacity Declaration (International / Domestic)

S23 Capacity Declaration (InternationalDomestic)

W23 Capacity Declaration (International / Domestic)

S24 Capacity Declaration ( International / Domestic / Stands)

W24 Capacity Declaration (International / Stands  / Domestic)

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