Our Customer Service Charter

ACL believes outstanding customer service is integral to delivering coordination excellence. We aim to demonstrate this every day to customers by embodying our company values – being professional; working together; owning what we do; maintaining integrity; and always striving for better. We are dedicated to delivering coordination excellence and maintaining ACL’s positive reputation by supporting the commitments in this charter and making sure we do everything we can, within the regulations, to go above and beyond for each customer.   

Our commitments:


  • We will value our customers’ time, be accessible during our advertised working hours and respond to slot messages in a timely way, usually within 3 hours.
  • We will be prepared, punctual and polite; honouring commitments, meeting deadlines and managing individuals’ expectations; and ensuring customers feel supported and valued.
  • We are determined for every customer to have a positive experience with ACL. Where we cannot provide immediate answers to questions, we promise to act promptly to gather the correct information and return with clear explanations.
  • We promise to act professionally and with integrity to the highest possible standards, showing respect, understanding and reasoning to all those we interact with.
  • ACL aims to be an inclusive and diverse organisation, promoting equality for all.  We are committed to creating a culture that encourages respect and values differences both inside and outside the company.
  • We promise to handle all information we hold on our customers ethically, responsibly, in confidence and in compliance with data protection laws.

Coordination Responsibilities:

  • ACL is committed to act independently in our coordination and facilitation responsibilities and to carry out our activities in a neutral, non-discriminatory and transparent way in accordance with Slot Regulations and Guidelines, ensuring we give fair and equal treatment across all stakeholders.
  • We welcome constructive feedback and will be open and honest about the decisions we make and why we make them.


  • We conduct annual airport and airline surveys to measure our performance and provide our customers with an additional platform for feedback and comments.
  • We promise to promote excellence within our organisation and invest in our people to ensure all our employees are well trained and skilled in all relevant aspects of their work.
  • We are committed to our customers and promise to uphold the high standards we set ourselves in this charter.