8 things to look out for in 2022

Yes, 2022 is likely to be as equally unpredictable as the years before. Often, it feels, we take two steps forward, one step back and a considerable few steps sideways! While we remain in the middle of a global pandemic however, its undeniable the world is in a better place than it was 12 months ago. The demand for freedom and travel is strong. Aviation has weathered the storm and will bounce back, albeit with some changes.

There were many changes for Airport Coordination Limited (ACL) too in 2021, we welcomed in a new CEO; we transferred to a new office and flexible working; we commemorated our 30th year as an independent coordinator; and we welcomed on board even more customers too. Ever the optimists, we’re looking ahead then to 2022 with a new filled enthusiasm and confidence. Here are just some of things we can look forward to this year.

1- Change and innovation

We’ve never seen disruption like we’ve seen during the last two years. But disruption breeds change and innovation, and ACL aim to harness these instincts to support the industry’s recovery whilst protecting, enhancing and growing our company. Independent coordination has been more important than ever before, as ever-changing requirements have led us to respond quickly, inventively, and continuously. In 2022 we intend to maintain this sense of value we provide to our customers. Our success is based on the services we provide, so continually raising the bar is the challenge we always set and aspire to.

 2- Confidence in Travel

As before, the year ahead will bring continuing uncertainty as countries respond in different ways to the pandemic, balancing the science and the politics. In our industry we’re likely to see continuing disruption but were hopeful over time there will be ever-greater clarity and consistency. It’s too early to tell what the all-important summer season will look like, but we have seen that when passengers are given the confidence to travel safely, they do so in similar numbers to before the pandemic. With the development of some international standards for testing and health passes, this confidence can return – confidence that passengers are not at undue risk, confidence that they’ll get home again and confidence that their holiday or business trip will work out as planned.

3- Investing in our People

We made some changes to our structure in 2021, providing more emphasis in certain areas and giving our people new opportunities as a result. ACL now has one central, Head of Coordination overseeing two new Deputy Head of Coordination positions, strengthening our experienced team. We’ve also introduced a Head of Commercial and People role to build our commercial relationships and enhance focus on our people. The structure we now have is designed to give the best service to our customers, the best environment for our teams, and the best opportunities to protect and grow our company. What’s more, we’ll be welcoming new recruits to ACL this year as we look to expand our team.

4- Uncovered Purpose

We did some soul-searching last year and in doing so uncovered a new Purpose and Vision for ACL.

Purpose – Achieving the best solutions in a fair and independent way.
Vision- To grow our position as the world’s leading coordinator.

We’ll be starting 2022 with a strong understanding of what we stand for, where we’re going, and exactly how we’ll get there. By investing in our partnerships, people and our commercial growth we’ll be able to ensure the continuation of ACL’s excellent coordination solutions throughout 2022 and beyond.

5- Supporting our Customers

We were delighted to welcome Owen Roberts International Airport as a customer last year and we’re equally excited about the new opportunities on offer in 2022. We’re committed to providing great service to every one of our customers every single day. This year, we hope to be right beside you too. As international travel opens, we intend to be where our customers are, visiting you on site and re-joining all our aviation colleagues at international conferences. Keep an eye out on our social pages for updates of where we’ll be.

6- Enriching our Data and Systems

The data we hold is invaluable and unique. We know we can make more of the information we have, and we will continue to invest in this area throughout 2022 and beyond. When we combine our data with our knowledge, expertise and foresight we have something very powerful. We want to make sure our customers reap the benefits by continually enhancing and developing our systems, making sure they’re the best in class. This will be a big focus this year, as SCORE and OCS benefit from substantial investment.

7- Partnerships and Guidance

One thing our customers value is our partnership working and regulatory work. The past two years have seen much happen here, with the scale of slot policy discussions and alleviation measures to support the industry during the pandemic. Our values of integrity and professionalism, of owning our decisions and working together, have seen us build a huge respect for the quality of our actions. As thoughts turn during the year ahead to post-pandemic slot reform ACL will play a leading role in influencing and designing the policies that will continue to work in the best interests of capacity optimisation.

8- Commitment to Wellbeing

We’ll be working this year to ensure that the health and wellbeing of our people is supported as proactively as possible. Last year ACL worked with Aviation Action to support the wellbeing of those in the aviation community. This year we’ll be looking for more ways to increase that cause both at home in our own business and across our industry.


As we enter the third year of this pandemic, we can see encouraging signs for the future. 2022 will present an important and exciting chapter in our industry’s journey. ACL has proven itself a key part of the aviation supply chain, building on our long track record and time in the business. We have a great and expanding team with over 230 years of combined experience; a common purpose to achieve the best solutions in a fair and independent way; and a justifiable reputation for excellence. We work with 46 airports and numerous data sales clients around the world and we hope many more of you will join us in 2022, bringing value and success to your business.

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