Completed Trades

This table summarises slots transferred between air carriers by way of an exchange of slots, whether or not for monetary compensation. The contents of this table may not be reproduced or distributed without the express written consent of ACL.

Airport Season From Airline To Airline Transaction Date Slots Per Week Trade description
LTN W20 Anisec Luftfahrt Vueling 29-Sep-2020 14 Transfer of 55,440 seat quota from VK to VY
LTN S21 Wizz Air EL Al 27-Jan-2021 4 W9 to LY Slot Swap
MAN S20 Thomas Cook Airlines Jet2 06-Nov-2019 280 Slot trade from Thomas Cook Airlines to Jet2
STN S17 Titan Airways Jet2 13-Feb-2017 5 Night slot swap on permanent basis 155 slots across season traded.
STN S20 Thomas Cook Airlines Jet2 05-Nov-2019 62 Slot trade from Thomas Cook Airlines to Jet2
STN S20 West Atlantic Titan Airways 16-Jan-2020 20 NPT AWC Slot swap Day 12345
STN W20 West Atlantic Titan Airways 26-Aug-2020 16 NPT to AWC Slot Swap
STN S21 easyJet Ryanair 09-Nov-2020 312 Slot trade from EZY to FR
STN W21 easyJet Ryanair 18-Jun-2021 296 EZY to FR slot swap