Manchester Airport Temporary Movement Limit

Please see the below note from Manchester Airport regarding a temporary movement limit for S22.

Following the DfT’s decision on 21st June to implement slot alleviation measures for the remainder of the Summer 2022 season, we (Manchester Airport) have been giving urgent consideration to the need for additional measures to control the reallocation of slots that are handed-back as part of this process.

The purpose of this email is to inform you that, effective from 25th June, Manchester Airport will be implementing temporary movement limits to prevent the reallocation of slots that are released back to ACL. The commencement of the temporary limits aligns with the start of the DfT’s 14-day slot hand-back window from 25th June to 8th July. The goal of this temporary limit is to support the use of the DfT slot handback process to depressure current airport operations, and to minimise any further changes to operational planning during this volatile period

For the rest of the season, or until this limit is reviewed, new slot requests will be tested against an all-day total movement limit of 475atms/day. This movement rate is equivalent to the number of daily movements currently operating a Manchester (w/c 20th June). For purposes of clarity, all slots already allocated above this limit will be honoured, and this movement limit does not apply to GA, freight or positioning movements.

To be clear, the temporary limits will still enable airlines to operate slots that have already been allocated for the summer season. However, it will not be possible for ACL to reallocate slots that are handed-back, or any new slots, above this temporary limit for as long as it remains in place.

We propose to review this temporary limit following the closure of the hand-back window on 8th July, taking account of airline’s responses to the DfT’s slot alleviation measures.

We will also continue to review the need for further measures, including a local rule to reduce overall capacity levels, over the coming weeks based on discussions with airlines and ground handlers through the Airport Partner Working Group (MAN-APWG).

I hope you will appreciate the need to introduce these measures at short notice given the announcement from the DfT earlier this week. Please contact Andy Clark ( if you have any questions.

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