S22 additional alleviation UK Statutory Instrument June 2022

Today (21 June), the UK Government laid a Statutory Instrument (SI) granting additional alleviation from normal slots rules for the remainder of the Summer 2022 season.  This is in addition to the Covid alleviation granted on 22 March 2022 and aims to help carriers improve resilience in the system for the summer peak (in light of recent disruption at UK airports due to staff shortages).

Under the new SI, carriers have a window (from 25 June until 8 July 2022) in which they can hand back up to 30% of slots held at a particular airport for the remainder of the S22 season (i.e. the period from 9 July 2022 until 29 October).  Carriers will get alleviation for those slots handed back by the 8 July deadline if they have meet the criteria as set out in the SI. This measure only applies to slots with a date of 9 July onwards but the handback must also take place at least 14 days in advance of the date of the slots (so for example, on 25 June an airline would be able to return slots with a date of 9 July or later, whereas on 8 July it would only be able to return slots with a date of 22 July or later). ACL will issue further guidance in due course.

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