8 Essential Details you Need to Know About ACL’s Airport Schedule Data:

ACL’s primary role as the UK’s coordinator is to help airports and airport users by fairly allocating slots to airlines and optimising airport capacity. As ACL are responsible for allocating slots, we are the first to know the airport’s schedule and any of its changes. This means, for all ACL’s 46 airports, ACL have the most complete, accurate and up-to-date schedules as they happen.

What does this mean for me?

If you work in business that operates in and around airports, or you rely in any way on air travel, airport schedule data can be essential to accurately inform your decision making. It allows you to make strategic decisions and ultimately creates savings for your business.

To help you understand how we can assist you and your business we’ve pulled together 8 essential need-to-knows about ACL’s schedule data.

1-     Airport data is chock full of information!

There is a wealth of information available in airport schedule data. All the details which go into flying are recorded, meaning the data is full of useful details essential to a multitude of businesses. Information from slot times, destinations, seat numbers, aircraft types, terminal codes …….. You name it, it will be there in the data ready for you to view and use. On top of that, ACL are the only data supplier to provide all types of operation, including charter flights, business aviation, general aviation and freight traffic.

2-     You never know who it can help

ACL supply airport schedules to a variety of businesses, even ones we never anticipated! Businesses range from ground handling companies, requiring the data for their baggage, fuel or cleaning operations. Right up to localised taxi firms, international travel agencies, financial services organisations and rail companies. Numerous companies can benefit from accessing airport schedule data to enhance their businesses.

3-     It creates savings

Having access to airport schedule data saves businesses time and money by providing the information needed to accurately plan staffing and resources. Many of our customers have remarked on the savings it has offered their business. One fueller said access to ACL data reduced over four weeks work down to just two days. ACL’s data can provide schedules up to six months in advance allowing business to confidently plan for the future by providing the information and knowledge to face any future challenges, as well as staying updated on any changes made right up to the day of operation.

4-     It’s Vast!

ACL have been around a long time, 30 years to be exact! Making us the world’s oldest, independent slot coordinator. This not only means we have schedules covering over twenty years across dozens of airports, but that you can benefit from ACL’s expertise and experience too. We can help customers to understand our data and use it to tackle their business problems, identifying valuable insights.

5-     Data you can trust

As ACL confirm slots for an airline, you can be sure our information is the one to trust. Many data companies get their information from secondary sources or update their information a significant time after a slot is approved. ACL’s information comes straight from us, the coordinator, which is why our customers can be certain our data is 100% reliable, up-to-date and accurate.

6-     It looks good!

By using the latest PowerBI technology, our data is no longer just numbers on a spreadsheet (unless you need it to be of course!). We can analyse and visualise our data in a multitude of ways, allowing you to share data across your business using easy-to-interpret and interactive visualisations. What’s more, we’re able to feed our data into your systems however you need it, whether that’s via SFTP, CSV, email or downloaded via our online portal OCS. Our team can tailor reports to suit your business, automatically providing the data you need at a frequency and format which suits you.

7-     Its accessible to everyone

ACL provide schedule data to a variety of businesses of varying sizes, from small scale, independent businesses, to companies working across the globe. Data download prices start from under £300 for a single download and ACL even regularly provide industry reports and data analysis articles for anyone to view, free of charge on our website.

8- It’s been essential during the pandemic

In an era of unrelenting uncertainty, airport schedule data has been essential in keeping airport reliant businesses on track. ACL’s automated change reports inform businesses the moment an airline makes a change or cancellation to their schedule, allowing businesses time to adapt their operations, reprioritise their resources and deliver the best service to their customers. With airline schedules more volatile than ever our change reports have been vital in helping businesses to adapt their staffing needs, minimise wastage, process refunds and prioritise savings.


To discover how ACL’s airport schedule data can accelerate your business, get in touch with a member of our expert team today here

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