Completed Trades

This table summarises slots transferred between air carriers by way of an exchange of slots, whether or not for monetary compensation. The contents of this table may not be reproduced or distributed without the express written consent of ACL.

Airport Season From Airline To Airline Transaction Date Slots Per Week Trade description
LHR W19 Air France Virgin Atlantic 14-Jun-2019 14 Permanent
LHR W12 Air France Tarom 07-Aug-2012 8 Overnight slot pair on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Late arrival and early morning.
LHR S08 Air France Continental 30-Mar-2008 14 Daily morning slot pair
LHR W08 Air France Continental 26-Oct-2008 14 Daily morning slot pair (Cont from Summer 2008)
LHR W16 Air France Emirates 13-Jun-2016 7 AF to EK Daily arrival slot for entire season.
LHR S12 Air France Tarom 21-Mar-2012 14 Dilay overnight rotation late arrival early departure
LHR S16 Air France Oman Air 07-Mar-2016 14 AF to WY - morning slots. WY operate from T4.
LHR S19 Air France Virgin Atlantic 01-Mar-2019 14 Sale
LHR W16 Air France Oman Air 13-Jun-2016 7 AF Daily Arr to WY
LHR S16 Air France Emirates 10-Feb-2016 14 AF EK Swap - Full season afternoon/night