Completed Trades

This table summarises slots transferred between air carriers by way of an exchange of slots, whether or not for monetary compensation. The contents of this table may not be reproduced or distributed without the express written consent of ACL.

Airport Season From Airline To Airline Transaction Date Slots Per Week Trade description
LHR W08 Etihad Airways Middle Eastern Airlines 26-Oct-2008 2 Friday midday slot pair
LGW W17 Titan Airways Monarch 23-Aug-2017 2 Swap between Titan and Monarch
LGW S08 British Airways Thomas Cook 30-Mar-2008 2 Thursday and Friday morning arrival slot
LGW S08 Astraeus Ghana International 30-Mar-2008 2 Friday afternoon slot pair
LGW S08 Hello Afriqiyah Airlines 30-Mar-2008 2 Wednesday morning slot pair
LHR W12 BMI Lufthansa 01-Jun-2012 2 Saturday slot pair arriving and departing late evening.
LGW W17 Tui Airways Norwegian 21-Dec-2017 2 Trade from TOM to D8
LHR S20 Lufthansa SAS Scandinavian Airlines 30-Jan-2020 2 LH SK Slot Swap Day 6
LHR W10 BMI Egypt Air 19-Oct-2010 2 Day 4 evening pair
LGW S16 Aer Lingus British Airways 15-Jan-2016 2 DAY 7 slot swap pair BA-EI