Completed Trades

This table summarises slots transferred between air carriers by way of an exchange of slots, whether or not for monetary compensation. The contents of this table may not be reproduced or distributed without the express written consent of ACL.

Airport Season From Airline To Airline Transaction Date Slots Per Week Trade description
LHR S23 Air Canada American Airlines 22-Nov-2022 14 LHR AA AC Time Swap
DUB S23 Emerald Airlines Aer Lingus 22-Nov-2022 66 EA EI S23
LHR S23 Alitalia Etihad Airways 17-Nov-2022 54 LHR AZ to EY Slot Return
LHR S23 British Airways Air France 16-Nov-2022 14 LHR BA to AF Slot Return
LHR S23 Royal Brunei Airlines Air Mauritius 15-Nov-2022 4 LHR BI to MK Slot Swap
LHR S23 British Airways Etihad Airways 11-Nov-2022 14 LHR BA to EY Slot Return
LHR S23 Air Canada United Airlines 09-Nov-2022 14 LHR AC US Swap
LHR S23 Austrian Airlines Air Canada 09-Nov-2022 14 LHR OS AC Swap
LHR S23 British Airways Iberia 08-Nov-2022 28 LHR BA IB Time Swap
LHR S23 KLM Virgin Atlantic 04-Nov-2022 24 LHR KL to VS Slot Sale