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Airport Coordination Limited is seeking a Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs to join the company’s leadership team, acting as chief legal advisor and representative, and leading our engagement with government and regulatory bodies.

Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs
*Part time
*Flexible working
*Competitive salary
*Bonus scheme and host of employee and industry benefits

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Role Description
Job Profile

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A Note on Diversity:

You may look at some parts of the job description and dismiss this role because you don’t think you fit what we need. Our advice is: don’t be so hasty! Studies show that some people, women in particular, are inclined to match themselves very rigidly against job descriptions. We welcome diversity in all its forms, so if you’re a qualified lawyer and like the look of this role, but aren’t sure if you’re right for it, just go ahead and apply – you may be exactly who we need!


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