Northern Summer 2021 (NS21) WASB Slot Waiver Announcement

The Worldwide Airport Slot Board (WASB) issued its recommendation for airport slot alleviation measures covering the Northern Summer 2021 scheduling season. The following provides some initial guidance to give clarity on its application at airports coordinated by ACL to avoid unintended consequences should airlines apply the WASB recommendation immediately.


The WASB announcement is a recommendation. For a waiver to be applied, the Regulatory or competent authority needs to adopt this recommendation or issue an alternative waiver. Across all ACL airports this has not yet occurred so currently NO waiver for Northern Summer 2021 is being applied.

When the position changes, ACL will update its guidance.


Any cancellation made prior to a waiver being issued may impact on your ability to retain the historic slot. For example, a full season slot returned before alleviation has been granted will be returned to the slot pool and reallocated based on the waitlist at that time.


Once ACL is aware of the detail of any formal waivers, it will review and where necessary provide further guidance. The current guidance on alleviation can be found here.

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