ACL Airports’ World Cup Flight Statistics

Airport Coordination Limited (ACL) coordinate 72 airports worldwide, including 26 UK and Republic of Ireland airports and 35 airports in the Middle East. With all eyes on Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, the region has looked to their Middle-eastern partners to support getting the 1.2 million fans from across the world into the country. Nine of ACL’s Middle-Eastern Airports are supporting this venture.

Here we share our infographic of the passenger flight statistics so far…

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Did you know?
ACL have a long history of coordinating major international sporting and political events. To find out more, and discover how we can help your airport manage extreme demand, visit our Special Events page – Special Events Coordination

Did you know?
ACL hold all the flight data for slot schedules at our 72 airports, worldwide. Businesses can use this data to support their own planning, operations and analysis. If you would like to know more about our data and get in touch, visit our Data Services page – Data Services


Data analysis by Airport Coordinator, Oliver Thompson. Imagery by Denise Wakeford, Sales and Marketing Lead.


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