Shahbaz – Coordinator

Please describe your role in ACL.

“I am an Airport Slot Coordinator at ACL and have been with the company for almost 3 years. My role consists of allocating slots to airlines around the world at UK airports within the regulations set by the European Union and guidelines set by IATA. In my career at ACL so far, I have worked closely with 15 UK airports to manage their demand within the declared capacity in the most efficient manner. Alongside the core responsibilities, I also work on internal and external projects which help embed our company values and help our customers with future decision making.”

What does a typical day look like to you?

“We have our core responsibilities of coordinating airport demand, however there is no typical day! Every day is different and brings along different challenges. As a coordinator, we are trusted to help on issues faced by airlines and airports. This can include anything from allocating slots for general aviation to creating a forecast schedule for future infrastructure investments.”

What’s your favourite part about working here?

“There are 3 things I really like about working in ACL:
1) The vast amount of exposure we receive and dealings at high level.
2) Friendly atmosphere and great team spirit. It is great knowing that colleagues will always make time for you and help is at hand.
3) Time and money that ACL will invest into the development of its employees.”

Describe a memorable time at ACL

“The opportunity of visiting the IATA working slot conference in Madrid to meet with airlines around the world and help resolve their scheduling issues.”

Do you have any advice for a new starter?

“Learning doesn’t stop on graduation day! Be prepared to brush up on your skills and gain a lot of information within a team who will help you develop.”

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