Coordination Manager

Pete – Coordination Manager


Please describe your role in ACL.

“I am a Coordination Manager currently responsible for the coordination of a portfolio of five airports and managing a team of three Coordinators. That means making sure that coordination decisions made by myself and my team are justified and in accordance with the applicable regulations and guidelines at those airports. In addition to this I also lead the delivery of Coordinator training at ACL.”

What does a typical day look like to you?

“I start my day by evaluating the overnight messages and emails which can come from distant parts of the world to get a feel for what the upcoming day may bring. I can either be sat at my desk helping my team with their day to day issues, reviewing my team’s work, answering queries from airport or airline customers and planning our team’s workload for the coming months. Alternatively I could be in meetings with customers (internal or external) discussing slot availability opportunities, coordination processes, the application of coordination best practices or training colleagues. “

What’s your favourite part about working here?

“The people. I have been at ACL for almost 15 years and during that time I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the vast majority of my ACL colleagues!”

Describe a memorable time at ACL

“I played a significant role in coordinating the G20 summit in London in 2009. There were a number of special processes in place to ensure that foreign delegations didn’t clash on arrival or departure. The day before the main departure day of the Heads of State, and in the absence of my manager, I received a visit from a very concerned Military Attache from one of the foreign delegations. He was desperate to get his Head of State away 8 hours earlier than planned due to an emerging crisis at home. After many phone calls with the airport authority, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Embassy, I was able to get agreement for a new departure time and get an aircraft carrying the Head of State of a significant foreign power and accompanying entourage of over 100 people away at the earlier departure time! When I watched the news the next day I understood exactly why there had been so much concern to get home as quickly as possible!”

Do you have any advice for a new starter?

“There is much information to learn and absorb in the Coordinator roles and some things may not fall into place until you see the whole process from start to finish, which can take up to 12 months. Be patient!”

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