Coordination Manager – Heathrow

Ingrid – Coordination Manager


Please describe your role in ACL.

“I have been with ACL for 21 years. In my time with ACL I have managed the Coordination account for several airports including Stansted, Luton, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Southampton. My current role is Coordination Manger Heathrow Airport. I manage a team of 2 people, attend meetings with Heathrow Airport Limited around airport capacity, airlines, slot performance and account management.”

What does a typical day look like to you?

“There is no typical day in my current role. I must be prepared for whatever issues the schedule creates. This can be very varied and can include planning special events, preparing data for responses to consultations, coordinating the schedule on a seasonal or daily basis. “

What’s your favourite part about working here?

“The variety within my role and the flexibility I have working for ACL.”

Describe an interesting time at ACL

“One of the most memorable times was between 2010-12 when I was involved with DfT, CAA and NATS and many other government agencies, airline operators and airports planning the aviation strategy for the Olympic Games London 2012 across the whole of the South East of England.”

Do you have any advice for a new starter?

“There is a lot to learn, it takes time. Be patient with yourself and allow time for the experience you gain over time to build up your knowledge “

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