Completed Trades

This table summarises slots transferred between air carriers by way of an exchange of slots, whether or not for monetary compensation. The contents of this table may not be reproduced or distributed without the express written consent of ACL.

Airport Season From Airline To Airline Transaction Date Slots Per Week Trade description
LGW W09 British Airways Aer Lingus 25-Oct-2009 109 11 X Daily slots. Various additional slots
LGW W09 Hamburg Airlines Astraeus 25-Oct-2009 8 Saturday slot pair X 2. Sunday slot pair X 2
LGW S09 Northwest Airlines Aer Lingus 29-Mar-2009 14 Daily morning slot pair
LGW W08 Aer Lingus Continental 26-Oct-2008 12 Daily (except Saturday) morning slot pair
LGW S08 Astraeus Flybe 30-Mar-2008 4 Saturday and Sunday afternoon slot pair
LGW S09 Oman Air Cimber Air 29-Mar-2009 10 Monday-Friday morning slot pair
LGW S09 British Airways Aer Lingus 29-Mar-2009 7 Daily morning arrival slot
LGW S09 Continental Flybe 29-Mar-2009 14 Daily morning slot pair
LGW W09 Air Comet Easyjet 25-Oct-2009 28 Daily slot pair X 2
LGW S09 Air Comet Air Europa 29-Mar-2009 18 Daily afternoon slot pair. Wednesday and Friday slot pair