Airport Capacity Analyst

Adam – Airport Capacity Analyst


Please describe your role in ACL.

“AIRPORT CAPACITY ANALYST – provide insightful schedule analysis to airport and airline management teams, and manage internal analytical needs.”

What does a typical day look like to you?

“As an analyst, my working day is very atypical. My analysis activities range from airport-related work such as runway utilization analysis, to airline-related work such as monitoring on time performance. My internal analysis is inclusive of monitoring things like internal KPIs, as well as publishing insightful analysis to the company LinkedIn page.”

What’s your favourite part about working here?

“ACL provides a unique insight into both airline and airport working environments, allowing for interactions at a range of seniority levels within organisations. Development and training are key to the workings of ACL, and they provide a robust and well-rounded training program for any employees.”

Describe an interesting time at ACL

“Having an airside tour at Gatwick, including going up the tower and driving around the runway!”

Do you have any advice for a new starter?

“Volunteer for the many groups that ACL have to offer, such as the social committee – these are a great way to develop your personal skills that will help in your future career!”

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